As you all know, there is a huge push to not only vaccinate everyone for the regular flu this fall, but also for the so called Swine Flu. Some countries are making it mandatory, and last I heard, Massachusetts is passing a law that will also make it mandatory with threats of fines, imprisonment, and even internment for non-compliers to get the swine flu vaccine and anything else they find of medical necessity.

In the last two newsletters, I have discussed reasons why people should not get the shot, and we have copies of those letters available if you did not see them. However, I found this very interesting, and forgive me if I sound Glenn Beckish. My wife and I were walking the dog the other evening and we passed by the local Walgreen’s. There was a sign out front about having flu shots available. There were two posters in the window also encouraging people to get their shots. I took a picture of one because I thought it looked familiar, and sure enough, it was Rosie the Riveter from World War II. Here are the pictures:



The Rosie picture from the war was used to get women involved in the factories and it appealed to everyone’s patriotic duty to help win the war. So, I don’t know, is the Walgreen’s picture trying to tell us that it is our patriotic duty to have poisonous chemicals injected into our bodies as some form of perverse patriotism? The pictures are identical and the real one is burned in our consciousness even for most of us who were not alive then. During the war, everyone sacrificed to help win it. Are they telling us we have to roll up our sleeves and sacrifice our health to win the war against the flu? Really? The Flu? People are getting the flu now. It’s a mild flu, people are uncomfortable for a few days and they all get over it. In fact, some countries are no longer testing or reporting incidences of the H1N1 virus. This is NOT 1918! People are not dropping dead in the streets. The only people who will benefit from this shot, or series of shots as they are now saying, are the pharmaceutical companies that are making them. They stand to make $49 billion in profits, all at your expense.

Don’t get the shot. Don’t fall for this propaganda. Tell others. We have the newsletters available that talk about what can happen when people do get the shot. We also have a pamphlet available that discusses the dangers of the regular shot. If anything it is your patriotic duty to be healthy!