4 Weeks

As of yesterday it has been a month since my body revolted on me. I don’t want to call it an injury, since I had done nothing to injure myself. But rather it was a more like a seizure. Just as a rabbit or a deer will seize in front of headlights, my body seized in response to an overload of stress.

Since then I have improved quite a bit. I started seeing a chiropractor who specializes in upper cervical adjusting. This is the approach we were initially taught at Palmer College. BJ Palmer, the founder of our school called it the “Hole in One Technique”. By addressing the atlas, i.e. the first cervical vertebra, you will affect every process throughout the body. For decades this is all that was taught at the school. Adjust the atlas and let the Innate Intelligence of the body free up and do the healing. This is a very powerful concept, often forgotten by chiropractors because they feel that they have to “treat” the pain rather than free the body to do its own healing. However, the power that created the body heals the body. There is no other way, and when you consider that creating the body is nothing short of a miracle, then healing becomes a miracle too. We don’t have to control it, just release the power and get out of the way!
I started running again. My leg still feels weak and the muscle aches at times, but I am able to run about two and a half miles with some walking thrown in. I’m able to adjust people longer without having to sit down. And the numb area has gotten a little smaller. Just a little. But it gives me hope that I will overcome this, and soon. It is very weird when you suddenly lose a function of your body. It changes you, and not in a good way. And you appreciate it so much more when you get it back! You just can’t take health for granted because all it takes is a second to lose it!