A New Start

Yesterday, Pam and I went to see Julie and Julia. If you haven’t seen it, it’s about a girl in New York who creates a challenge for herself to make every recipe in Julia Child’s book in one year. That’s over 500 recipes. At the end of each day, she blogs her experiences and thoughts about what she had done. At first no one was reading her blogs but her mother, but eventually she developed a following. Her blogs became very popular, turned into a book, and eventually the movie we saw yesterday. I really enjoyed the movie, and it got me thinking…I have this blog but I haven’t been very diligent about using it. I also thought that I could do what she did and share my thoughts about my working day. I deal with people’s health, there is plenty of interest in that. I don’t know if anyone will read this, but who knows….it worked for Julie! So, let’s see where this goes….

Most people tend to think of chiropractic as a health discipline dealing with sprains and strains. Unfortunately so do most chiropractors because, essentially that is what they are teaching the students these days.
The original “Big Idea” is that chiropractic is a total health approach to the body. The purpose of adjusting the spine is not to free up stuck vertebra, but to restore health to a sick nerve system, specifically the spinal cord. The nerve system creates the body, a healthy nerve system creates a healthy body, a sick one creates a sick body. It’s as simple as that. So when people come to my office because of real health issues, not just a back pain or headache, it gets me really excited!
I had a consultation today with T (I will never use people’s names in this column to protect their privacy) today because he has stage 4 lung cancer. He knows the body can heal itself, but he needs direction. He doesn’t want chemotherapy, which is the only method traditional medicine has to offer, because he knows that it just will make him sicker. He came to me. (Please note, that I did not and will not advise him to quit chemotherapy or interfere with his medical care. But we will work on detoxing his system with my methods and clearing his nerve system of interference to give his body the best chance to heal). We’ll start in two days, and there will be more about T in future posts.
One mother brought her son in because he was up all night coughing. Another young girl, 15 came in because she hasn’t had her period in two months (no, she isn’t!).
This is what health care is about. It’s not about being someones walking aspirin, but more like being their facilitator and coach. It’s about helping them overcome health issues by utilizing their own body’s wisdom – seeing where they are stuck and guiding them through it, then allowing them to heal in what ever way that is. Just how cool is that!
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