The number one reason people go to a doctor is because they are in pain. And it isn’t so much that they have pain, but it’s more about what the pain is intefering with in their lives. What’s it keeping them from doing?

M was telling me yesterday that someone suggested he have cortisone shots for the pain in his neck. His xrays showed that he has ostephytes around the joints of his neck vertebra, so therefore cortisone will make the pain go away.

I asked, “Why do you want the pain to go away?”

He said so that he is more comfortable.

I said, “Maybe the pain is supposed to be there, have you considered that?”

Of course he said “no”.

The body doesn’t just give us pain to be mean. There is a reason for it. Any symptom means three things: Stop, Pay attention, and change something. Or,more simply, just BE AWARE.

When we have pain the Innate Intelligence of our body is telling us that something we are doing, or involved in, or experiencing is not working for us. If we ignore the pain by “doing something to make it go away”, then we are not listening. It may go away for awhile, but it will come back and ususally feel much worse. This will often lead to more dramatic ‘therapies’ that end in degeneration and death of the area involved.

We ahve to listen to what the pain is telling us. When you are in pain, what do you differently? What emotions do you feel? How do you feel about how you feel? Do you breath diffently or hold yourself differently when you hurt?

By answering these questions we can be more in touch with our inner guidance which will do more to help one heal through it, than to fight it. There is no health in numbing oneself to pain. Remember, dead people feel no pain, living people do. It’s what you do with it that makes the difference between healing and growing, or dying.

Until next time…..