Can Chiropractic Create World Peace?

Wow!  That’s a heavy statement, don’t you think?  Quite presumptuous, too.  But, is it really far fetched?

The other day one of my practice members, Mary, sat up after being cleared and said how wonderfully at peace she felt.  Then she asked, “What it would be like if everyone were under chiropractic care?”  I said, “There probably would be world peace!”

Stress is the number one cause of loss of health.  We can’t escape stress, it’s part of living in a physical body in today’s society.  There are only three forms of stress: emotional, chemical, and physical.  I list them in this order on purpose because about 95% of the stress I help people through is emotional.  We have to deal with all elements of society: the economy, family issues, taxes, politics, the ever present war, traffic, our jobs, and so on.  Stress puts our bodies into survival mode also known as ‘fight or flight’.  We either have to fight for our lives or run like hell, but the bottom line is that we constantly live on the edge.  We are never at peace.  If we, as individuals, are never at peace within ourselves, we are never at peace with each other, and nations will never be at peace.  Society, as a whole, is in fight or flight.  Then nations are in fight or flight, albeit mostly fight.

The chiropractic adjustment takes a person out of survival mode.  It changes the tone and tension of the nerve system to “living” mode so that we can be at peace within ourselves.  When we are at peace, we are centered, able to deal with life constructively.  If more people lived this way, society would be centered, in “living” mode.  Then nations would be centered and at peace.  If everyone in the world could be cleared of living in survival mode, it is safe to say that there would be peace!