Can You make me Straight?

This morning one of my clients mentioned that she feels “crooked” and even notices that she has more calluses on one foot than the other from walking off balance.  So she wanted to know if I could “make her straight”.  That’s a fair question because we see pictures of xrays of the spine that show, from the front, a nice straight spine.  These pictures show level hips, level shoulders, and a head sitting squarely on the shoulders. But can I “make” her straight?  The answer is no.

Actually I can’t make anyone into anything.  We have to always remember the basic chiropractic philosophy, that all living things are an expression of an Inborn, Innate Intelligence.  This Intelligence knows exactly what each individual needs to stay alive and is unique to each person. Innate resides in the nerve system, which is why we adjust the nerve system – to keep Innate flowing and the body healthy.  We can’t question Innate.  The power that makes the body, the power that expresses Life, is far greater than our limited intelligence.

The only purpose of the adjustment is to restore the nerve system to its proper tone and tension so that the nerve system is free to coordinate body functions, that is, express Innate.  In a healthy body, we don’t question or judge what a person is going through because the body always has a higher purpose, i.e staying alive.  If we question or judge the expression of the body, then we are saying that we “know better”.  And when we try to control what the body is doing, we again are saying “We know better”.  Well, I don’t know about you, but I didn’t design the body.  I can’t say that what a person is going through is right or not.  All I do when I work with everyone is remove any blockages a person may have to the expression of Life Force.
This brings us back to the original question from this morning.  I can’t make a person “straight”.  If a person is supposed to have a curvature of the spine to keep them alive (I’m not talking about the pathological kind where the body actually folds up upon itself), then who am I to say this is wrong? And who is to say having a straight spine is the way it is supposed to be?  I took xrays of people for the first 10 years of my practice.  I saw curved spines in people who were quite healthy.  I saw straight spines in people who were quite sick.  I adjusted people, retook the xray, and saw that their curves actually increased!  Is this wrong? Nope! It’s what that person needed!

If I try to control a person’s experience, then I am making the care about me.  It’s not about me, it’s about YOU!  It’s about clearing your nerve system of any interference to the expression of Innate, or Life Force, so that your body is free to be as healthy as it possibly can be.  That is the essence of true health care!