Chiropractors are dangerous? Seriously?

My daughter told me at dinner tonight that the husband of one of her employees is scheduled to have back surgery.  Apparently he has been diagnosed with a herniated disc.  So far he has gone through physical therapy and nerve bocks that have not done any good so the only option left is surgery.  He has young children at home and he won’t be able to lift them until September!  My daughter asked if he had tried seeing a chiropractor, and the wife said that he did ask his physician and was told that that will only make it worse!

Now, chiropractic is NOT a back pain specialty, it is a total health approach for the body.  However, many studies have been done to show the efficacy of chiropractic care for the treatment of low back pain, and it is, hands down, far superior than anything medicine has to offer.  There are no “side effects” other than the person might just get well.  And in 27 years of practice, not one person in my office has ever been crippled from our care.

So let’s see.  This poor man has been suffering for I don’t know how long, he has had anesthesia injected directly into his vital nerve system – you know, the one that controls and coordinates the life of the body – and now he is going to have his back opened up with the possibility of paralysis and even death.  He may become crippled from this surgery.  This is rare but I have known it to happen.  He may become addicted to pain drugs, as many do.  And chances are very good that he will have additional surgery because the pain still didn’t go away and the surgical area filled up with scar tissue that is choking off the nerves.

You decide.  Who is going to make it worse?

2 thoughts on “Chiropractors are dangerous? Seriously?

  1. Thanks for sharing such useful and great information.
    Many studies of treatments used by chiropractors have been conducted, with conflicting results. Though some Chiropractors claim a variety of benefits, existing research only supports the effectiveness of manual therapy for the treatment of low back pain, neck pain, some forms of headache and some extremity joint conditions.
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  2. I know from my own experience that chiropractic care saved my life! I was able to walk again without the side effects of drugs….and the pain diminished after a serious fall onto concrete. So I say both thumbs up! And why do people want to cut themselves open? Why don't they trust their own self-healing? I don't get it!
    Rachelle Neher

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