The other day we were at a dinner with some friends and one of them was drinking a diet soda.  I asked the individual if she knew how dangerous it is to drink aspartame, and her reply was, “Well, we all gotta die of something!”

I hear that answer a lot when I see people doing something like that that is dangerous to their health, and for their sake, I point it out to them.  Most of the time people just don’t know what they are doing thinking that if it’s marketed as food, it must be good. Sometimes the person is interested, but so many times I get that same stupid answer, and it dumbfounds me!  Yes, we all die of something, no one gets out of here alive, but why would anyone want to choose a way that can be so horrible?

Why would someone want to die of a possible brain tumor? Aspartame has been shown to cause this. I’ve had a personal experience with this and it is not pleasant – for the person who has it or the family taking care of them.  Why would  someone want to live with the slow degeneration of multiple sclerosis, or Lou Gherig’s disease?  Why would someone want to risk getting leukemia? Why would someone want to become obese or a diabetic?  All these conditions are associated with the consumption of aspartame.  Why would someone want to live their life sick, and debilitated with all the expenses that go with it – until they die? That is not living.

Yes, we all die of something.  But what happens until then can be a matter of choice.  Why not choose good health and really enjoy life? It’s not that hard to do and infinitely more enjoyable!