A few years ago, Verizon’s ad campaign was “Can you hear me now?” Remember?  They had that dorky guy in the blue jumpsuit walking all of the country trying out his cell phone connection.  One of the ads had him showing up on a farm.  The farmer was all upset because he had placed an order over his cell phone, from another company, for “oxen”.  But, because of the poor connection, he bought “Dachshunds” and there were little dogs running all over the place.


This is the problem that stress brings to our spinal cords.  It bears repeating, over and over, that stress distorts the tone and tension of the spinal cord.  If we are to compare your body to a musical instrument, the spinal cord is the strings.  For the music to be heard properly, the strings have to be in tune (proper tone and tension). But the spinal cord doesn’t conduct music, it conducts information. The information that it conducts is the information necessary for your body to function properly and for you to function properly in life.  Since ‘health’ is defined by how we function, then a distorted spinal cord creates ill health because your function changes.  It’s as simple as that.  And that’s why the adjustment is so important, because  through the adjustment we help restore your spinal cord to its proper tone and tension restoring health to the body.

So if we compare you to the verizon commercial, the brain and the body function are dependent upon proper communication through the spinal cord.  If they can’t hear each other, you will get dachshunds when you want oxen! And that’s not good!

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