Do you “hold” your adjustments?

The other day, someone asked me if anyone ever “holds” their adjustments.  This is based upon the old chiropractic notion that a vertebra “out of place” is pinching a nerve and creating illness.  By “resetting” the vertebra with a thrust the pressure is taken off the nerve and healing occurs.  Therefore, the adjustment should “hold” or always stay in its proper place along the spine.  Unfortunately, this just doesn’t happen.

The notion that one can hold an adjustment is believe that the body is a machine – it is a collection of parts that work together like a watch or an automobile.  Your car will hold its front end alignment.  When the wheels go out of alignment, you have that adjusted and it should stay that way until you hit a curb.  The medical people work from the premise that the body is a machine.  They feel that when something breaks down they can replace it with another part, human or artificial.  This is all based on the old Newtonian/ Descartes view that the Universe is just a collection of parts whirling around each other just like an old watch that you have to wind up.

This just isn’t true.  The body is not a machine.  It is a living expression of consciousness.  It is the expression of intelligence in matter.  It is energy flowing.  Your body is constantly taking in information from it’s environment, beyond your immediate comprehension, and adapting to the constant flux of energy so as to stay alive.  And, the environment goes beyond what you see around you, it is also your thoughts and feelings.

Your body is programmed to do only one thing – keep you alive!  Everything it does is to meet that end.  So by monitoring it’s environment, the body will make changes and reposition itself to stay alive.  In other words, it is in a constant changing dynamic with the world within, and without.  When it senses danger,  i.e. stress, it will go into a survival mode.  It will curl up, so to speak, or tense up to protect itself.  Stress is a learned response,  so the body will respond to events not necessarily based upon immediate danger, but rather on what it learned as danger.  So you may not be stressed at the moment, but your body may be reacting to something that on a subconscious level it understands to be stress.  It will also react to all your thoughts and emotions.

Since your environment is constantly changing, your body’s response to it is constantly changing.  The nerve system, which reads and interprets the environment, will constantly change and react. The body is an expression of the nerve system.  So if the nerve system constantly changes, the expression in the physical body will also.  And that means the body is in constant flux.

To assume that an adjustment is “holding” is to assume that the body never changes.  It is to assume that the body is a machine just standing still and never moving.  This is impossible.  It is impossible to assume that by “resetting” a vertebra, it will stay that way forever.

People need to be adjusted regularly because the effects of stress are cumulative. And only spinal adjustment can change that and keep a person in a more relaxed state.  Instead of living in survival mode, the body can be relaxed and live in “living”mode.  This in itself will keep the body healthier!  And it doesn’t matter if you have to adjust the same vertebra over and over and over.