“Doctored” a Movie Review

In the early days of my practice several years ago, I had a young family coming to see me for their overall health care.  Many people choose chiropractors as their primary care physician, and this family was no exception.  One day, one of the daughters needed emergency attention and the mom took her to Lakewood Hospital’s ER.  The physician in charge asked her who their primary care physician was, and she told him it was me.  He asked, “ Who is that? I never heard of him.”  She told him that I am a chiropractor.  He immediately took his hands off the girl as if she had some kind of plague, threw them into the air and said, “I can’t take care of this girl!” and walked away.


This may seem strange, but the attitude is quite common.  Over the years I have had many people come to me because they could not get healthy with standard medical care, only to get better with chiropractic care.  Yet they were afraid to tell their MD’s that they were seeing me for fear of reprisals.


I have also heard stories of people who were facing low back surgery and asked their MD’s if they should see a chiropractor.  The MD would tell the patient that if they did, they would most likely become crippled.  This would scare the patient into going ahead with the surgery, only to have it fail, and they ended up crippled.


Have you ever wondered where this attitude comes from? A new movie called Doctored is a shocking documentary that examines the monopolization of our medical system.  This movie reveals the “influencers”, the people you never see, but whose job it is to turn you into a compliant, pill popping, revenue generating sickie at all costs.


Doctored shows us the unseen tactics of these “influencers” in an investigation that leads to the highest levels of the American Medical Association (AMA) and reveals an alarming portrait of deception and criminality.  Along the way we wonder:


  • Is much of what we know about modern medicine just slick marketing from companies that profit from our pain and illness?
  • Why aren’t we told about the successes of natural therapies?
  • Why do so many people think chiropractors are “quacks”, nutritional supplements a waste of money, and acupuncture a fringe therapy?


Is it because the Medical Monopoly spends billions of dollars a year promoting dangerous pharmaceuticals and procedures, while attacking, ridiculing, and discrediting natural therapies? All these answers can be found in the movie Doctored.


On Monday, February 11, I will be showing the movie Doctored in my office.  The film runs for 1 hour and 40 minutes and starts promptly at 7PM, with a short discussion to follow.  Seating is limited to 12 people (it’s a small space) so we do require reservations.  You may reserve your seat by calling 216-221-9990 and Jane will be happy to assist you.  The office is located at The Ehren Chiropractic Center, 13314 Detroit Ave.  There is no charge to view the movie so please join us!