Emotional Stress and Physical Disease

Sometimes a story comes around that is just too amazing and I have to share it with everyone!
            L has been a long time patient of mine and has always had a slightly visible growth on her thyroid.  I say slightly visible because unless she points it out, you would never know it’s there.  She has had it checked over the years by an endocrinologist who labeled it as a goiter, but she has had no symptoms of any thyroid issues.  We have created homeopathic remedies for her thyroid, yet the growth never went away.
            Last week L mentioned that she was going to see the endocrinologist to have the lump checked again.  It seems to have gotten bigger and she could feel it when she swallowed.  She also mentioned that it was getting hard for her to eat certain foods like carrots or dry meats like turkey breast because they just wouldn’t go past it, and, it was making her cough.
            I don’t remember how we segued into this, but she began telling me about how her abusive first husband would choke her and slam her head into the floor.  That was a long time ago.  When he choked her, his grip was where she had the lump.
            A light went off in my head. I asked her to lie on her back and we worked on some emotional release procedures that may be associated with the abuse issues.  As soon as we were finished, which only took a few minutes, she sat up and said that she could feel it starting to drain down her throat. That was on a Friday.  On the following Monday, she called after seeing the MD.  He was measuring the lump to compare to his previous records and said, “That’s interesting, it’s gone down in size.”  It shrunk by an entire centimeter.
            Here is a perfect example of how emotional issues become physical diseases. When people ask, “What caused this..”, the answer is always stress.  And 99% of the time it is emotional stress.  The energy of emotional stresses is imprinted and stored in the body until the nerve system develops the flexibility to revisit the offending event.  Until that time, it may fester creating physical disease.  Most of the time this may just be muscle spasms, but, as you can see, it may be something else entirely. 
            Your body is a record of a lifetime of all your emotional stresses.  This is why chiropractic care should always be a part of your lifestyle.  It is not meant to cure a disease and send you on your way, but rather to address the past emotional stresses and the new ones so that serious illness does not manifest as you go through life’s journey.