Energy and Health

Many times when people start care they will often tell me, “Wow, I feel like I have more energy!”  And, many times I hear people tell me, “After I get adjusted, I feel so relaxed, i could go to sleep!”  Even though they are describing opposite sensations, the reason for both experiences is the same!

Stress causes tension to increase in the spinal cord.  And, of course, we all deal with stress everyday.  The tension that builds in the spinal cord is translated into increased tension in the muscles of the body.  Muscles only do what they are told.  If they are told to contract, they contract, and when they are told to relax, they do so.  So if they keep getting signals from the nerve system that says “Tension!”, they contract and stay that way.

Also, this increase in muscle tension is part of the fight-or-flight response of the body.  When we are stressed the body goes into a protect mode that prepares us to either fight for our lives, or run for our lives.  So tension builds in the muscles to prepare us for both.

When muscles contract, they consume more energy.  When muscles remain contracted, they consume a lot of energy.  If we spend our days with contracted muscles, even if we are just sitting at a desk or watching TV, we are using up a lot of energy that can be used for other activities.  So when they are suddenly released of their burdens, you get to have this energy for other things, and you feel more energetic.

By the same token, when we are “all bound up” from the stress of life, and we suddenly release all that, our high tension state can come crashing down as we suddenly relax.  This can be felt as wanting to go to sleep.

A few years ago, I was at a seminar and saw pictures of an MRI taken of brain activity. The subject was asked to wiggle his ankle while in the MRI machine.  As he did so, several areas of his brain lit up.  These  areas were all being used to perform the simple task of wiggling his ankle.  He was taken out of the MRI, then received a Network Spinal Entrainment, and put back in the MRI, and asked to wiggle his ankle.  This time only a couple of spots lit up in the brain.  The conclusion to this is that when the spinal cord is at its proper tone and tension, the body works much more efficiently requiring less energy to perform simple tasks.

I always tell everyone that health is defined by the way our bodies work, not necessarily how we feel.  When we are working more efficiently, we are healthier – healthier than when so much of our energy is going into just holding us in one place!