How healthy is a health nut?

Today one of my practice members mentioned that someone she knows lost his fiance to pneumonia. The lady who passed away was in her 40’s and Diane described her as a “health nut”. She exercised all the time, at the right foods, took her supplements – a true health nut. So how was it that someone would come down with an illness like pneumonia and die from it?

My question to Diane was “What is the missing variable?” She didn’t know.
The missing variable is that the woman was not under chiropractic care. The most important aspect of health is maintaining the health of the operating system of the body – the nerve system – with regular chiropractic care. It doesn’t matter how much exercise a person gets, or if they have the most expensive urine from all the vitamins they take. If the nerve system is not fully communicating in the body, the body will get sick.
The circulatory system distributes food and oxygen throughout the body. It also collects wastes to be eliminated from the body. The nerve system also circulates. But it circulates information, and most importantly, Life Force. If the nerve system is sick, the circulation of Life Force can be altered. If a part of the body is not getting proper Life Force, that area of the body may start to break down. The body is programed to self-destruct when Life Force leaves it. In a dead body, this is called decay. If it happens in a part of a living body, it is called and infection. But it is not an infection. It is the cells undergoing self-destruction by creating bacteria that digest the cells. If this happens on a grand scale, the whole body will die.
The chiropractic adjustment is the only way to make sure that the nerve system is operating properly and that Life Force is flowing. The important thing to remember is that healthy people do not suddenly die! Diet is important. Exercise is important. Proper sleep and hygiene are important. But without chiropractic care as part of the equation, one can never be truly healthy or truly well.