I’ll Have What She’s Having!

“Oh, your back hurts?  Right there? You know, I had the exact same thing last year, and I know 5 other people who had it too!”

How many times have we heard that before? Or “There must be something going around because everyone has the same thing now!”  

What if I were to tell you that that is impossible?  Although it may seem that the pain in the hip is identical to what another person has, no two people can have exactly the same thing because no two people have identical lives.  Whatever  a person is going through is a reflection of his/her life, which is a manifestation of their own stresses.  Each individual in the entire world has a nerve system that responds to that person’s life, and how each responds to stress is unique.  Since the onset of symptoms and illness is a response to being overwhelmed by stressors, then no two illnesses can be ever be alike, even though they appear to be the same.  This is what makes medical care different from the care in our office.

In medical care, people are classified by their illnesses.  All diseases are treated by defined protocols.  Asthma has a defined treatment, as do cancers, and all the other illnesses.  The individual is never looked at.  So therefore, sometimes medical treatments work and many times they don’t.

If we understand that what each person is going through is a manifestation of his/her life, then we can understand that this asthma may be emotional in nature, this one is structural, this one is due to an environmental irritant, this one a combination of events, this one due to a chakra imbalance, and so on.  And the same can be said for every illness a person presents.  So instead of “treating” a symptom, we find the “cause” of the symptom.  By working through the “cause”, then the body no longer needs to manifest the symptom, and true healing can happen. 

So the only way you can have what she is having is if it’s a piece of pie!



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