I’m all better, Why Do I have to keep going!

Those of you who know me know that I work out four days a week.  I get up every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday mornings and run a couple miles.  Then, except for Sunday, I come home and lift weights.  If someone is home with me, I like to joke, “Well, 10 more pushups and I will be totally buff!” as if the goal was to reach a certain chest size and be done.

People who exercise routinely know that there is no end to it.  One may set certain goals such as reaching an ideal weight, or building the biceps up to a certain size, or running a marathon in a certain amount of time.  But just because we reach that goal doesn’t mean that it ends there.  If one were to stop exercising because the goal was reached, it would all fall apart.  Eventually the weight comes back, the muscles will get smaller and flabby, and stamina will be lost.  If you exercise, you do it for ever to keep in shape.  It takes work and dedication.

Just like chiropractic care!  People come to me for help with specific health problems.  The goal is to attain better health.  But when that goal is met, we want to make sure the body stays healthy with continued care.

Unlike medical care that treats conditions, chiropractic care recognizes that the onset of “conditions” is due to a body that can no longer adapt to life’s stresses.  It doesn’t matter what the condition may be, the onset of a condition is a signal that this body is starting to lose the battle against stress.  It is becoming weaker.  When I work with people, my intention is not to treat the disease, but rather find where the interferences to the expression of health are coming from, and remove them so the body can heal itself.

But just because that crisis has past doesn’t mean that we are done.  Stress continues and if we were to stop clearing the body of interference, eventually the stress will begin to overwhelm the system and conditions come back, or new ones develop.

The purpose of chiropractic care is to keep the body in a healthier state than it would be without the care.  Or, in other words, assist people in having a higher quality of life.  So just as I will not suddenly be buff and have to stop working out because I hit the magic pushup number, true health will not be attained by the last magic adjustment. You just keep doing it to be the best you can be!