I’m Back!

I guess it has been over a year since I posted anything to my blog. It’s funny how you plan things and then, slowly, life gets in the way and you forget about certain things that you had planned. But that’s all behind now. It’s a new year, with new energies, and now, new blogging!

This past year my granddaughter, Madison Lucy was born. She was born on May 30 to be precise. She came into this world healthy, and she has not been vaccinated. In her almost 8 months of life, she had one little cold that she got over in two days. She cut two teeth during the past month and had a little fever with each one. But she did not get a congested nose or ear infections.
Vaccinating newborns is such a ritual in this country. But health does not come from chemicals being shot into the blood stream of an infant. Health comes from proper nutrition, hygiene, exercise, and keeping the nerve system in its proper tone and tension with chiropractic care. Our little Maddi is already developing into a healthy child because she gets adjusted regularly!
Keeping the nerve system, the operating system of the body, healthy is the most important thing everyone can do for themselves – at any age!