Is It Holistic?

I received a call the other day from a gal who had been in a car accident. She wanted to see me because I am, as she termed it, “a holistic chiropractor”. Since we are a cash only office, she wanted to find someone who took her car insurance, so she was going to continue trying to find a holistic DC.

But in reality, her search is not for someone who is holistic.

People tend to think my work is holistic just because I do not thrust into the spine as most chiropractors do, but this is far from the truth. Holistic vs. allopathic is not about the technique, it is about the INTENT.

An allopathic approach to the body is one that ‘treats’ a diagnosed condition. The intent is to make the condition go away. It does not consider the entire person. It is judgemental in that it considers that whatever the condition is, is wrong and must be dealt with.

The holistic intent is not concerned with a condition at all. This intent considers that any condition is an attempt by the body to heal something, but its ability to heal may be interefered with. The approach to healing is to strengthen the body, remove whatever blockages may be occuring, and allow the body to heal in whatever way supports its greater good. There is no judgement placed upon the condition. It is neither right nor wrong, good or bad. It just is.

In this case, this lady wanted to be treated for the car accident, but she wanted my gentle approach thinking that it is holistic. However, this is actually allopathic, because the conditions being treated are injuries from the accident.

As you can see, it’s all about the intent.

Until next time…