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I went with my daughter and granddaughter to visit her pediatrician for my granddaughter’s first birthday check-up today.  The pediatrician is very nice, very laid back, and very supportive of our decisions regarding natural health approaches.  We told her way back before Maddi was born that we are choosing not to have her vaccinated.  She has supported this decision, but has asked with the two visits I have attended in the past year if we still do not wish to have vaccinations, or were we waiting for Maddi to be a little older.  Lindsay again told her that there will be no vaccinations, and the doctor noted this in Maddi’s chart.

What makes me wonder is how can learned people who claim to be health care providers can still promote the use of vaccines on children.  I just read three articles dealing with vaccines that describe how they don’t work and even cause disease.  One article talked about the dangers of the Hepatitis B vaccine in children.  It is linked to the onset of Multiple Sclerosis, Systemic Lupus, sudden infant death, and auto-immune diseases.  Hepatitis B isn’t even a childhood disease – it is a disease of drug users and specific sexual habits!

Another article discussed how immunized children in Pakistan are developing polio. 70% of of the polio cases being seen in Pakistan are in children that were vaccinated.  And yet another article talks about how the CDC admits that the flu vaccine doesn’t work, it wears off, and that’s one of the reasons you have to have a new one every year.  Well the flu vaccine has aluminum and mercury compounds in them, detergents, dead diseased chicken cells, viruses, MSG ( I guess so it will at least taste good), and other toxic substances.

And that is just in the past week.  Everyday articles appear, not in the main stream media of course, that discuss the dangers of vaccines.  Hopefully one day enough people will wake up and vaccinations of our children will go the way of blood letting to cure disease.

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  1. maybe they vaccinate as children so they acquire these diseases as adults and keep the medical profession in business!

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