Passive vs. Active Health Care

Yesterday, someone was telling me about her cousin who has decided to have bariatric surgery to lose weight.  Her cousin is diabetic, has high blood pressure, of course doesn’t eat right, gets winded when he goes to get the mail, and is on all kinds of medications.  The man is very sick and yet thinks that by removing a section of his stomach, that somehow this will allow him to lose weight and fix all his problems.  I asked her if he would consider coming to see me first.  She said he came in with her one time, I honestly do not remember, and he thought chiropractic care was rubbish (my words, but that’s the gist of it).  And this is the fundamental difference between medical and chiropractic care.

Medical care is passive.  It’s not much different than taking your suit to the cleaners.  You drop it off and in a week, you pick it up all nice and clean and pressed.  That’s passive.  You didn’t have to clean it, or iron it, it was all done for you.  In medicine, one goes to the Dr, gets examined, receives a diagnosis, and then a prescription.  In most cases, what is ailing Mr. or Mrs. Patient is due to lifestyle – stress, smoking, poor eating habits, and lack of exercise.  The prescription, whether it is drugs or surgery, is used to nullify the effects of the choices this person has made.  In many cases Dr. Medical would advise the person to quit smoking, or get some exercise, which falls on deaf ears.  It is much easier to take the drugs.  This is passive.  Our person in question is not taking responsibility for his/her own health and well-being.  Just take the drugs.

Chiropractic care is active.  Generally people who come to see me want more out of life.  They realize that there is no alternative to being healthy and that it doesn’t come from a drug store.  I can’t give someone a bottle of adjustments to take and then check them in a week or two.  The commitment has to be made that they are going to take the time out to come to the office twice a week to have the interference in their nerve systems reduced.  Most of these people have made choices to eat better and to get more exercise.  They realize that they are responsible for the choices they make and the consequences of their actions.  This is active care because these people are involved in what happens to their bodies and in their lives!

Passive care keeps people sick or makes them sicker.  Drugs have effects.  Not side-effects like they like to call it, but effects!  They effect the body in more ways than they help, and most of them are not good.  Bariatric surgery is not a cure and there is no health in having a part of the body removed especially if it’s healthy (even if it’s not, how did it get that way?)  People who are passive about their health are never, ever healthy.  It’s just an easy choice because it takes little effort.

Active care makes people healthier!  They are responsible for their health and they know it.  There are no adverse affects to getting adjusted, only becoming healthier.  Active health care is not easy, it takes effort and commitment, but the rewards are immeasurable!