It’s funny how people accept that whatever condition they have, they are stuck with it because someone of authority said so. Last friday, Sept 11, D was in for her regular visit. After I clear the nerve system, I like to check for weaknesses in areas of people’s discomfort. D has been telling me that her shoulders hurt and feel weak, so I tested them by having her raise her arms away from her sides. Then I pressed down and asked her to resist. She said, “Oh I can’t do that, I had surgery on the left and it hurts”. She did have trouble resisting, that is, her arms were weak. I lowered her arms and then just put my hands on her shoulders, and imagined them being strong again. I said “Let’s test that again”. I raised her arms, she made a face as if to say, “Oh it’s going to hurt!” I pressed on her arms and they were solidly strong! She looked up in amazement. She said “What did you do?” I told her that I just changed her perception of herself. She came in today and I retested her arms, and they were still strong. I lowered the left one to another angle and she tested weak. I did same thing, and again it was strong. Overall, her arms are stronger, and as she left she announced as she walked down the hall, “I feel so much better!”

D’s perception was that since she had surgery, that her left arm was her bad arm and that she will have to live with the cards she was dealt. It’s not necessarily so. That is just one perception, and perceptions can change just in the way we look at things. I changed her perception, and her body gave a healthier response.
If we can realize that our bodies are dynamic energy units in a constant state of flux, and not biological machines, then any change in health is possible. In a quantum world, the universe organizes itself based upon the observer. If we expect to “see” things one way, the Universe collapses itself into that reality. If we change our perception, the Universe will collapse into the new reality. Reality is only a hallucination based upon the way we look at things. Modern Medicine tells people that if it has no answers for people then they have to live with whatever it is they have, or die from it. That is just one perception. In a quantum world, no one has to live with anything because we can change that perception, and therefore our experience of ourselves. And that is what makes it all so cool!
Until next time….