Pre-emptive Surgery?

I had a discussion with someone today who was telling me about a girl he knows who had her breasts removed because someone in her family had breast cancer. Was it her mother? I can’t remember, but apparently she carries the ‘gene’ for breast cancer and just to be safe, she had hers removed.

I find it amazing that the medical profession, a profession sworn to “do no harm” can actually convince people that by mutilating their bodies like this, they can actually prevent a disease. I also wonder how many of the male surgeons would have their testicles removed if their fathers had had testicular cancer? Probably not a one, yet they have convinced women to do this with their breasts. They even convince them to have their ovaries and uteri removed if there is a familial history of cancer here to. Let’s just castrate women to save their lives. Insanity.
The notion that we carry genes that cause cancers is ludicrous. Cell biologist Bruce Lipton has done extensive research on cellular genes and genetic expression, and has shown that genes do not rule our lives as the medics tend to believe. He has shown that if he takes undifferentiated stem cells growing in culture, and puts them in a specific environment, he can get them to become muscle cells. Change the environment and they become nerve cells, or liver cells, or cancer cells. In other words, we are not victims of the genes we inherit. But rather the genes will express certain ways based upon the environment of the cell – change the environment, change the cell.
Just because someone in the family had a form of cancer does not mean that everyone in the family will get the same one, or any at all. It’s the environment and various stimuli that get the cells to become what they are. By adopting a healthy life style, one minimizes the risk that they will get cancer. But to pre-emptively remove a body part amounts to mutilation.
My mother had brain cancer. According to this thinking, maybe I should have mine removed just so I don’t get it too.