Quitting Chiropractic Care is INSANITY

At the beginning of last September I began a program of high intensity interval training (HIIT).  For over 30 years I have been an avid jogger with some weight lifting thrown in, and although this has kept me in shape, I always felt I could get in better shape.  My son told me that he had started the INSANITY program created by Beachbody.com and was very happy with it.  I had seen the infomercials on TV for over a year and wondered if that was something I could do because the routines look very intense and I’m no spring chicken.  After talking with him and hearing how much he enjoyed it, I bit the bullet and bought the program.

My goal for getting involved with this has been to get into the best shape of my life.  I may be turning 63, but that is no reason that I couldn’t improve myself.  I wanted a flatter, more toned stomach, better over-all muscle tone, more stamina, and to feel better within my body. 

insanityThe workout routines are intense – they are not kidding when they call it Insanity, but I made a commitment to myself that I was going to do this.  The people working out with Shaun T, who leads the routines, are probably half my age.  Every morning I get up and workout for an hour.  At first it was hard to get through the workouts.  Lying on my hands and knees, panting while sweat dripped down my face, I would have to hit the ‘pause’ button during some of the exercises to catch my breath.  But, eventually it got easier.  Although I still can’t get through the routines completely (and neither do some of the participants in the videos) without stopping for a short rest, I don’t hit the ‘pause’ button anymore.

It’s been three months since I started and, I am happy to say, I have accomplished my goals.  I have better muscle tone throughout my body, my shoulders are rounder, there is more definition in my upper body and arms, my stomach is flatter, my abs are visible, I have lost 10 lbs., and I feel really, really good.  I honestly feel like I am in the best shape of my life including the years I studied karate in grad school almost 40 years ago, which was the last time I workout this intensely. 

So now I think I will quit.  Or maybe just cut back to working out now and then when I feel like it.  Sounds stupid, doesn’t it?  After all this hard work and dedication, why would I do that?  What do you think is going to happen with this decision?  Obviously, I would lose everything I gained.  And that’s what happens when you do this with your chiropractic care.

When people start with me they have health goals in mind.  They start their care with the desire and dedication to achieve them.  Like my exercise routine, this requires getting adjusted twice a week and taking the homeopathic remedies we make together.  There is no other way to do it.  Most people are fantastic with this – sticking with it and doing what is necessary to achieve the health they desire.  But what happens to some when they “feel better”?  They quit, or cut back to visiting every now and then, or every couple of weeks, or when something comes up, or when the mood strikes.  And what happens with this decision?  Like quitting exercise, they lose everything they gained. It may not be noticed at first, but slowly the benefits will be lost.

I have no intention of quitting my exercising.  There is no limit to how much I can improve myself.  There is also no limit to how healthy you can be if you stick with it.  If chiropractic care was about treating a condition, then yes, when the condition is gone, it’s ok to stop.  But this isn’t medical care.  It isn’t about treating a symptom – it’s about creating the healthy body you should have and being the best you can be.  And you can only do that by keeping your nerve system as clear as possible, and dedicating yourself to regular care.  Otherwise, it was all for nothing.


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