Seriously, What does the Adjustment do?

There always seems to be some confusion about what the chiropractic adjustment is all about.  We live in a highly medicalized society where we are constantly bombarded with drug ads and treatments.  We are led to believe that for every ill there is a pill, so that if we take a pill, the ill goes away.  And we think that the adjustment is a pill in a different form.  In other words, for every ill, there is an adjustment.  But it doesn’t work that way.

When people I are in my office, I listen to the things they tell me about their discomforts, but it is never my intention to make the discomforts go away.  The body heals itself.  This is a very powerful statement.  The body heals itself! When we take medications, we are in the mindset that the body DOES NOT heal itself and so we have to do something to make up the difference, such as taking medications to lower high blood pressure.  But this is a fallacy because the body heals itself!!

The nerve system (NS) is the agent of healing in the body.  It’s the NS that monitors all the activity of that is going on in and around your body and making corrections along the way.  It’s just that when the NS goes awry, as it does with stress, then it can’t be as effective in its function, and loss of health can set in.  And let’s not forget that HEALTH does not mean feeling good, it means FUNCTIONING RIGHT.  “Function” and “Feelings” are not synonymous.  In fact, when that body is attempting to heal, it may not be comfortable at all.  But that is for another time.

So, when people share their discomforts with me, it is not my intention to “make them feel better”, it is my intention to make sure that they are “functioning right”.  I do that by clearing the NS system of interference by adjusting the spinal system, that is, I tune your spinal cord.  Then I look to see if anything is not doing what it is supposed to by testing the various muscles and organs that may be involved.  When I am satisfied that everything is in order, my work at the moment is done.  I then let a person go and allow the body to do what it does best – HEAL.  That doesn’t mean that miraculously all your ills are gone.  A person may feel wonderful when they leave me, and they may not.  For me, either way is ok.  What I do want a person to feel is DIFFERENT.  By feeling different than when a person came in, then I know something has shifted, and the body can change rather than stay the same. 

 It is never my intention to control a person’s experiences in life by always making them feel better.  It is simply to make sure that everything is functioning the way it should, so that you can have a higher quality of life free from infirmity.  That’s what an adjustment does.