Simple Ways to Detox Your Liver and Improve Your Health

In terms of overall well-being, your liver plays a very important role in keeping you healthy.  It is an extremely complex organ that probably has more functions than any one single organ in your body.  Everything that goes into you is ultimately screened for toxins by the liver and neutralized by an elaborate enzyme system.  These toxins may be pesticides on your foods, cleaning agents under your sink, the gasoline vapors when you fill your tank, medications you take, and even the alcohol your social drinks.  The liver stores sugar and releases it when the body needs extra fuel, creates bile to help you digest fats, helps to recycle red blood cells, has white blood cells that screen your blood for bacteria and other infectious agents, and so on.  

The liver is perhaps the busiest organ in your body and easily overwhelmed by all these stresses we put upon it.  In time, it can weaken leading to chronic illness.  But there are a number of things your can easily do to help keep your liver clean and functioning at peak performance.

Milk Thistle Tea –  Tea made from this plant has tremendous liver cleansing properties.  It helps to lower fatty deposits, increase the flow of bile, manage cholesterol and protect against hepatitis and cirrhosis. And, as an added bonus, milk thistle also helps to prevent plaque build up in the arteries.

Garlic – This age old tasty treat has sulfur compounds that help activate the liver enzymes necessary for detoxing and digestion.  It also provides allicin and selenium which keep the heart healthy and prevent cancer.

Turmeric – This Indian spice is getting a lot of attention lately due to its anti-cancer properties and ability to reduce inflammation throughout the body, a condition that often leads to chronic illness. In regards to the liver, turmeric helps liver cells regenerate, and increases bile production.

Lemon Water – A glass of warm  water  with lemon juice every morning is an excellent way to detoxify your liver.  It stimulates enzyme production helping this organ to perform better.  Lemon water also helps keep your body alkaline protecting you against serious illness. 

Cilantro –  This easy-to-grow herb is a common ingredient in many heavy metal detox programs.  By adding it to your dishes, it does a great job in healing a damaged and sluggish liver and escorting man made chemicals out of your body.

Keeping your liver up-to-par is essential for your health and over-all wellness.  In addition to these suggestions, it is imperative to cut out all processed foods, quit smoking, get plenty of exercise, drink alcohol in moderation, and eat organic wholesome foods.

If you take care of your liver, it will be able to take care of you.



2 thoughts on “Simple Ways to Detox Your Liver and Improve Your Health

  1. Lemon water and milk thistle are well-known to help the body eliminate toxins and enhance liver function. It is also important to take supplements that contain Vitamin C and Vitamin D.

  2. Milk thistle tea , Garlic, Lemon juice, Cilantro, Turmeric, this is good for liver problem but there are many other natural treatment. Herbs, supplements and homeopathic remedies repair damage and maintain liver health. Natural medicine from himalaya liv 52 also helps to treat liver damage.

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