Stress Management

Let’s try a little experiment. How much do you think a glass of water weighs? A few ounces at most? Hold it in one hand with your arm fully extended, and see how long you can hold it. A few minutes probably won’t matter, but after an hour I am sure that your arm is going to get achy and start to shake. How about after several hours, or a day? You will be screaming in pain! Now think about the stress you or others carry in the body.

We have talked about this from the moment you all started care – stress: emotional, physical, and chemical stress causes tension in the spinal cord, your nerve system. The tension in the spinal cord is translated into, among other things, tension in the muscles of the body. They contract and hold to protect you from perceived danger. As time goes on and stress accumulates, the muscles become more tense, never resting, never relaxing. They ache, hurt, and spasm. They “give out” for no apparent reason. They eat up more of your daily energy causing you to feel fatigued. Why? Because like your arm holding the glass of water, they never get a chance to release the tension.

Let’s take this further. Those same tension signals from your nerve system go to your internal organs, down to the individual cells altering the way they function and affecting your overall health.

This is what makes regular care so important, and why everyone should be under chiropractic care. When we are able to get your nerve system to relax by adjusting it, then the muscles can release and relax. This why so many of you have such a great sense of well-being after a session – your body relaxed! It’s like putting down the glass of water we talked about earlier. Without your energy being eaten up by muscles desperately holding you in one place, you have more energy to meet daily routines and challenges. And the same can be said for what goes on inside of you. Your internal organs start to regain their proper function with the proper flow of information to them as well.

True health and well-being begin with a healthy nerve system. And remember; only a properly applied adjustment to the body can tune your nerve system!