The clouds and sun!

Yesterday, N told me that she was getting discouraged. She had only been with me for a month, so I was little curious as to her comment. She said that her leg hurt, and she had bouts of dizziness and this past week wasn’t too good for her.

I asked, “Didn’t you tell me last week that you had felt better?” She said that she did, but it all came back.

She is also having bladder trouble, and mentioned that hse was feeling better there, too. “And didn’t you tell me that you had more feeling in your bladder?” She said she did, but it didn’t last.

“So tell me, N. How old are you?” She said that she is 83.

“And how long did it take for you to develop into who you are?” She said a few months.

“No”, I said. “You are 83. Your body is a reflection of 83 years of your life. Although healing is possible, we are still working against 83 years. So whatever you are going through is not going to go away overnight.

“Also, don’t dwell on your pain or other symptoms. You have had days where you were feeling better. If your discomforts are the clouds on a rainy day, the times you feel better are as if the sun were peaking through. The sun is there, behind the clouds, even if you can’t see it. So dwell on the sun, and just like a rainy day, eventually the clouds go away. That’s what healing is all about.”

Until next time….