The Surprising Benefits of Blueberries

In 1956 Fats Domino found his thrill on Blueberry Hill.  Now you can find a similar kick in the produce department of your local grocery and health food store in a little container full of blueberries.

Blueberries are an amazing fruit that packs a huge punch for all the benefits they provide for you.  Here are some fun facts about our little blue friends you might not have known:

  • Provide the highest anti-oxidant content of all the fresh fruits.  The anti-oxidant property of blueberries neutralizes free radicals in the body, which create disease and promote aging.
  • They are loaded with anthocyanin; B complex vitamins; vitamins C, A, and E; selenium, zinc, and iron.  All of these serve to boost your immune system and prevent infections.
  • Promote urinary tract health.  Just like their cousins the cranberries, blueberries can inhibit the growth of bacteria in the bladder and facilitate the removal of bacteria that may be growing on the walls of your bladder.
  • Promotes brain health.  Thiblueberriess is very important, as more and more people are concerned about the devastating effects of Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia.  Blueberries can heal damaged neurons and brain cells, and even prevent their degeneration thereby keeping your memory sharp. 
  • Improve heart health.  The high fiber content and anti-oxidants help to dissolve “bad cholesterol”, and also strengthens heart muscle.
  • Fight and even cure cancer.  Besides all the wonderful nutrients listed above, blueberries also contain Pterostilbene, a natural remedy for colon and liver cancers.  They also have Ellagic Acid, which, in harmony with the anti-oxidants can do miracles to prevent cancer.


Blueberries can be eaten fresh or thawed if purchased frozen.  Freezing them has not been shown to alter their health benefits.  You can eat them as a snack, or mixed in with a fruit smoothie.  Here is a nice breakfast recipe you can use to start your day: Make a bowl of oatmeal, add a half cup of blueberries, a tablespoon of ground flax seeds, ground walnuts, and a dash of cinnamon – and you are on your way.

“I found my thrill…..”





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