To be “Sick” or not to be “Sick”…that is the question!

To paraphrase Hamlet, if you think you are sick, are you or are you not?  You feel chilled, your head and skin ache, you obviously have a fever, your nose is running, and you are coughing and sneezing.  You might even be vomiting with the Tijuana Trots.  But the question is..are you sick?

Most people would say you are, because we define being sick as whatever we are experiencing as not feeling well.  But maybe all those nasty things you are feeling are normal!  Your body is programmed to do one thing, and one thing only – keep you alive.  And most of the time it does this without your awareness, outside of feeling hungry or having to go to the potty.  But every now and then, your body feels the need to detox, and then you go through all that stuff.

When you have a fever, you are detoxing.  When you vomit, you are detoxing.  When you sneeze and cough, you are detoxing.  These are all healthy responses that you are programmed to do to keep healthy!  Being healthy, remember, means being alive and functioning.  You are sick, if your body needs to do these things, and can’t!  You will get sick if you take “cold and flu remedies” to make you feel better.  These so called remedies stop your body from detoxing allowing the toxins to go deeper into your system.  This can become a major problem in your future.

But what if you are allowing your body to detox and it won’t stop? Then this is a problem that needs to be addressed.  My rule of thumb has always been give it three days, then do something to give your body a rest.  But as long as you keep your fluids and electrolytes up, the problem should always be resolved in a day or two.  Of course, keeping your nerve system adjusted helps you to move through this – you have to have a clear nerve/regulatory system!

So just because you are uncomfortable, or your body is doing something that you don’t like, doesn’t mean it is sick.  Your body knows exactly what it needs to do to keep you alive, and it is doing it!