Wedding Receptions and Oh, You’re a Chiropractor!

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My wife and I went to a wedding reception last night. I don’t usually enjoy these because I rarely know anyone, it seems to take forever to get something to eat, the music gets too loud when the DJ revs up the amps, you just can’t leave after you eat; and, invariably, the conversation at the table always comes to “So, Dennis, what do you do?”

Last night wasn’t too bad. We did know a couple of people, there was plenty to eat before dinner was even served, and the music didn’t get ear splitting loud until late. But I was asked about what it is I do. I was talking with one fellow that I have met before and he asked “how is the chiropractic business these days?” I said it was great. And then he said “Plenty of bad backs, huh?”

A wedding reception is just not the place to try and educate people. It’s just not the setting. This was before dinner, so there was no music to talk over, but it was a big hall with lots of people talking and you still have to raise your voice to be heard.

I said, “You know, it’s not about ‘bad backs’. I’m a total health doctor, people come to me for all sorts of conditions that they want help with in a natural setting.”

I may as well have been speaking Swahili because he just didn’t get this idea. We discussed it further, for a while, but, as I said, it’s just not the place to do this sort of thing.

What makes me sad is that the idea of chiropractic being treatment for “bad backs” is what everyone things we are all about. The fault of this lies with the profession, because that is how the profession is markets itself. And the reason it is marketed this way is because this is what insurance pays for, and this is what MD’s have begrudgingly accepted as what chiropractors are good for. The chiropractic profession has sold its soul to the medical devil to be “accepted”.

Chiropractic has never been about bad backs. It’s just that the back is our mode of entry into the body to reach the nerve system. The adjustment is not about moving sprained bones, but rather restoring integrity to the nerve system that has become distorted due to the stress of life. The body is an expression of the nerve system, and a sick nerve system creates a sick body – a healthy NS creates a healthy one. It’s as simple as that. Traditionally chiropractors have not tried to emulate what MD’s do by using the adjustment as a form of a pill to treat disease. We use the adjustment to allow the body to free itself of whatever is keeping it from expressing true health. That’s it. And miracles happen when you allow the body to do this without trying to control it.

This is so important now at a time when the use of medical drugs continues to grow and the quality of health continues to decline in this country. Chiropractic is the only health care profession in this country that has the power to stand up to the medicals and offer something that has no side effects and empowers people to be healthy. And the profession markets bad backs.