What Can You Afford?

Economic times are tough, there is no denying that. I have been hearing from some people lately that they need to cut back on their care or, worse yet, stop coming, because they can’t “afford” it right now. But what this really means is that they are going to rely on the traditional medical system for their “health care” because that is what they pay insurance premiums for and what insurance will cover. This is a Fool’s Paradise.
The American Medical System is not designed to keep people healthy; it is only designed to keep you not sick. There is a difference between the two. Health is a state of Wholeness and Well-being. It is a state where all your systems, and you, are functioning 100% of the time all of the time. A state of Health is defined by a high quality of life, not the presence or absence of symptoms. There is nothing that the medical world can offer that will provide that.
Medicine developed a model of disease. All its treatments are based upon a negative model. They are all “anti”: antidepressants, antipsychotics, antibiotics, antihistamines, and so on. Their language is one of warfare: The war on cancer, the war on drugs, we have to fight this or that illness, we will give you a “battery” of drugs. The body has become a battle ground, and you are the casualty.
They only offer three things: Drugs that poison you, surgery that rapes you of your organs, and radiation that burns your body and rips apart your DNA. Modern medicine is the leading cause of preventable death in the US today killing the same amount of people who died in the World Trade Center on September 11, EVERY WEEK!!! Tell me; where is the health in this and why do you pay for it?
The key to health is not to avoid disease, but to maintain the integrity of your body. This is the Chiropractic approach. Most people know that good nutrition and exercise are important. But what good is all that if the controlling system of the body is sick? The sole purpose of the chiropractic adjustment is to maintain the health and integrity of your nerve system – the system that controls your body and very life.
Your nerve system coordinates body movement, unless it is sick. Your nerve system coordinates your heart beat and breath, unless it is sick. Your nerve system regulates the thousands of reactions that your cells undergo, unless it is sick. Your nerve system IS your immune system and protects you from infection, unless it is sick. Your nerve system coordinates all the healing and repair of your body, unless it is sick. When your nerve system becomes sick, you become sick.
And what makes the nerve system sick? Stress! And everyone has some level of stress in their lives. Stress distorts the spinal cord, the connecting link between the brain and the rest of you. Only, and I mean only, the chiropractic adjustment can tune your nerve system to improve mind-body communication, to keep you healthy. Vitamins won’t do it. Prayer won’t do it. Reiki won’t do it. Drugs won’t do it. Exercise won’t do it. The spine has to be adjusted!
For this reason, what we do here is not about treating your diseases, but raising the level of your body’s health so that it does not slowly break down and take you on the road of illness and despair. For the only thing you will find at the end of that road is a Disease care system that will hasten your death. If you are healthy, you don’t need Medicine. Chiropractic care is not a luxury, but a necessity. This is your insurance policy! You are investing in yourself and your future. For people to say they can’t afford it and go with the program that their insurance pays for is ludicrous. If you value your health, you will stay off that road! And, as Forest Gump said, “That’s all I have to say about that.”