What do you believe?

‘Thoughts create things.”

” What you think about is so.”
I hear this over and over again from various people talking about attracting things into our lives. This applies to things we want, and things we don’t want. People all want better health, but how often do you here people say “oh that just makes me sick!” Or, “that person I work with is a pain in my neck!” Or, “It’s winter, I always get sick in the winter”. Then what happens? They get sick, develop a neck pain, or something else.
When we think of something, the body listens. Every thought creates a reaction, without exception! If you think thoughts of sickness, it will happen. The pain in your hip may not be arthritis, but if you continue to say it is because your Aunt Mildred had it, then you will get it too.
The secret to having good health and anything else in life is to alway feel good. Be happy – always! Instead of thinking about the things in life that make you ill, think about what makes you well – and be happy about it! Regardless of the circumstances.
So, think about what you say. Even if you are joking, thoughts become things!