What is True Health?

Most people have a warped sense of what it means to be healthy. If I give a lecture to a group of people. I like to start out by asking “How do you know you are healthy?” The most frequent answer is, “I feel good!”, which generally means they have no pain at the moment. Most people judge their health basically by the presence or absence of pain. But here is the kicker: If health is a state of no pain, then the healthiest people on earth are dead! Dead people feel no pain. But living people do.

A true state of Health cannot be judged solely on our feelings. A healthy body is programed to express pain when necessary. Pain is a body mind communication that generally means the body is experiencing something to which it cannot adapt, and if one continues on the path that they are on, they may experience sever damage to the body. But most people see pain as an announce. It keeps you up at night, it keeps you from enjoying something, it’s a nuisance. So they reach for the bottle of aspirin, or some other pain reliever to eliminate the pain. Then they can go about their business doing what they have been doing that brought the pain on in the first place. But now they are unaware of what the body was warning them about. They disconnected the mind/body communication, and now the body will start to get sick as it breaks down unable to adapt to life’s situations.

Health is a state of honoring the body’s signals. If you have pain, listen to what the message is instead of shutting it off. Follow your instincts instead of viewing your body’s processes as an annoyance. If you cannot figure out what your body is telling you, find a practitioner that will help you understand your body, rather than aide in a war against it with pills and therapies.True health comes from making the proper choices. Sometimes it takes work. Sometimes it means being uncomfortable. But the results are always rewarding because they make you stronger….and healthier!

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