Why is Chiropractic Care Important to You?

If you ask most people what chiropractors do, they say that we treat back and neck pain, and headaches.  Although chiropractic care has great results with these conditions, it is so much more than that!  Chiropractic is important for your over-all general health and well-being.

What makes chiropractic so necessary for everyone is that our care deals directly with your nerve system – specifically with your spinal cord.  You live your life through your nerve system.  Not only does the nerve system coordinate all the functions of your body, but also it is taking in all the information of your environment and guiding you through life.  Much of the information that it takes in is in the form of stress.  

Stress is a necessary part of life because it conditions your body to respond to danger.  But we live is a stress filled world, and, due to various reasons, we all become “stressed out”.  Stress causes the body to produce specific hormones that support the stress reaction.  These hormones put you into an anxiety state.  They create chronic inflammation in the body, suppress the immune system, and the body stops growing.  This leads to increased physical breakdown and illness.

The chiropractic adjustment directly affects the nerve system.  It causes the nerve system to stop creating the stress response.  The hormones that support stress cease to be created, and the body creates endorphins that support growth and well-being.  When the body is in this state, it has a stronger immune system and there is less disease and infirmity.

“But,” you may say, “stress is a constant!  We have stress all the time!”  That’s right.  That’s why continuous chiropractic care is so important for a healthy lifestyle.  Just as exercise and a proper diet are important throughout your life, so is getting regular chiropractic care.  That doesn’t mean just once a month, or when the mood strikes, it means at least every week so that the effects of stress can be kept at a minimum.

Unlike medical care which is strictly “sick” care.  Chiropractic is proactive to keep you healthy so that you don’t have to become a customer of sick care.  With the new year here and resolutions being made, it’s important for you and your family to make chiropractic care part of your healthy lifestyle!